Our areas of expertise include:

1. Business Strategy

We help organizations of any size to formulate and execute the strategies that enable to achieve a long-term business objectives. In a rapidly changing world the winners will be those companies that remain flexible and will best respond to competitive and market changes. We help our clients to challenge the status quo and create differentiated value proposition, new products and services that allow them to gain competitive advantage.

2. Marketing Strategy

Marketing is the management process responsible for identifying, anticipating and satisfying customer requirements profitably (CIM). We provide our customers with full support from tools and frameworks to innovative tactics and operational processes enabling to reinforce the company’s position, to expand the portfolio, retain existing customers and deliver significant revenue growth. We use CASTLe process to design the most efficient strategies.

3. Brand Strategy

Brand strategy reinforces a position of the company on market. It is stretching beyond the visual identity (e.g. logo, color, font). Brand is a promise to the customers, the values that company stands for and the personality it conveys. Successful brands are those focused on functional and emotional benefits for the consumers, they manage to engage, offer superb customer experience and demonstrate value consistently in every day interaction with markets.
We help our customers to formulate brand strategy, brand positioning, brand promise and deliver it to market. Strong brand strategies support organizations to reach, engage, close and retain customers and build brand equity.

4. Digital Strategy

We support our customers with strategic analysis, setting objectives, analyzing resources and designing implementation plan of digital business or channel launch. We also help with designing Digital Marketing Strategy, which is a tactical plan enabling to leverage digital assets, design engagement model and online acquisition strategies in order to promote company and maximize value that organization can extract from digital. Successful digital strategy impacts overall business and requires smooth cooperation between all channels, diverse operational areas, applications, technologies and vendors.

5. Business Development

Our services include market and consumer research, SWOT analyses, competitive scans, sales, product, marketing pricing strategies, business plans and strategy development, promotional strategy in order to determine business growth or expansion to new markets or new consumer segments.

Our skills are transferable to any industry and customer. Our particular expertise rests in banking, insurance, lending and consumer goods industries.


We use the CASTLe model to help our customers to convert their business objectives into measurable tactics and efficient processes.

  1. Meeting in which we determine business Challenge and Analyze situation

  2. In close partnership with our client we develop Strategy to respond to challenge

  3. We assign Tactics to approved Strategy

  4. During and post implementation we track results based on matrix developed with client and drive Learnings. We identify areas for improvement and reapply to the process to drive excellence.