At ZING BUSINESS CONSULTING LTD we are passionate and enthusiastic about reinventing, innovating and re-launching traditional brands and converging of new media and technologies into old school thinking.

We do it by DRIVING HIGH GROWTH STRATEGIES, which include diversification, product development, market penetration and market development. To achieve high growth it is not enough to copy competitors or do it better, instead we help our clients to challenge status quo in order to reinvent their proposition.


At heart of what we do is our CUSTOMER and we strive for excellence and measure our success by value added to our customer’s business. Whether this is best in class customer experience, new routes to market or digital and marketing strategies which allow to reinforce the company’s position, to expand the portfolio, retain existing customers and deliver significant revenue growth in the complex international matrix organization.

We offer high level service by focusing not only on WHAT to be delievered but also HOW. We apply highest quality service from vision to solution, from strategy to execution.

Our strengths lie in analytical and effective problem solving skills and our abilities to grasp concepts and generate ideas which we successfully implement for the business benefits.


Marketing and E-business Leader with 18 years of international experience and successful track record of implementing high growth business strategies.